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Mission and Vision


家国天下, 无问西东。

(Beyond East or West, for all humanity.)



Why "beyond east or west"? 无问西东?

The phrase "无问西东” (literally, do not ask about east or west) originates from Tsinghua University's official school song. 

The best interpretation of this idea would be the author's own words. Prof. Wang Luanxiang (汪鸾翔) a Chinese scholar from the late Qing dynasty and a professor at Tsinghua at the time explained his opinion:

Why "for all humanity"? 家国天下?


The phrase "家国天下" is taken from the ancient texts of Great Learning from the Book of Rites (《礼记·大学》). 

The full text goes as below: 

for all humanity 

In 2004, Mr. Liang Xun’an created Ulink with a modest goal – help Chinese high school students to apply to top British universities with qualifying A Level results. 

After 20 years, the school and the international education industry within China have undergone extensive developments, and Ulink students have long been setting goals much more ambitious than mere acceptance to one or two prestigious universities. 

What has remained unchanged is Ulink’s dedication to whole-person education and the belief that our communities should benefit from the fruit of education.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to be a school where students and teachers come together to uphold the highest ideals and fulfill their potential and for Ulink to serve the nation as the finest example of Chinese international education.

Our Values:

  • Serving students by empowering teachers.

  • Teamwork and professionalism.

  • Harmony in diversity, flourishing as individuals.