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Living in Shanghai

Shanghai is one China’s most modern and vibrant cities. It is considered the easiest place in China to live for ex-patriates because of its English-friendly services and internationally-minded residents. 

It is clean, safe and modern and has a variety of affordable transport options that make getting around cheap and easy. Living in Shanghai is the experience of a lifetime. The city’s iconic skyline is world famous and its many bars and restaurants offer exciting options to its residents. 

From Shanghai you also have easy access to all other East and South-east Asian countries and many opportunities to explore the region.

Shanghai is broadly divided into Puxi (literally ‘west of river’) and Pudong (‘east of river’).

Our campus is located in Puxi in the Songjiang District in the suburb of Jiuting, around 40 minutes from town.

plan-districts-shanghaiOur teachers live in a number of places depending on their circumstances. Younger teachers often live closer to town in areas such as Xujia Hui while others may choose to live closer to school.

The school provides two free buses for staff that take alternative routes to school and pass by underground stations. This gives staff much flexibility in choosing where to live whilst still having a simple commute to work and home.