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Our Graduates

Over the years, Ulink Education has a built up a reputation for placing Chinese students in top international universities. 

From 2005 to 2022, the Shanghai campus alone has sent more than 3,200 students to world class universities outside of China.

We are currently the second-most successful school in China for placing students in Oxbridge. 

In 2022, 12 UCS students had been accepted by and gone on to study in either Oxford or Cambridge University, making the number of UCS and Oxbridge alumni 133. 

In the UK track, 51% of the students were accepted by the G5 and 72% the top 10 UK universities. For students in the US track: 68% got into top 50 universities including University of Chicago, Columbia University, Northwest University, Cornell University, Rice University, Vanderbilt University etc. 

82% of the students in the Canada track got into the top 3 Canadian universities.

In our Hong Kong track, 40 students went to study in Hong Kong University while most of whom got scholarships.