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How we teach


At the heart of our education program, we believe in enabling our students to succeed not just in the classroom but in life through a student-centered teaching approach – empowering learners with fundamental critical thinking skills useful both in and outside of classrooms. 

Our end goal for each student is not to just attend a prestigious international university, but to excel at living their best life abroad. This could be through enabling them to better handle the rigorous of an international university life, how to handle the many challenges they may face entering into adulthood for what may be their first time in their life living alone away from their family, to how to navigate many unexpected challenges they may face living in an international and multicultural environment abroad.

We welcome colleagues from all over the world. Because of this we don't have a single teaching philosophy that we expect teachers to bring with them when they join us. But we're committed to upholding high standards here and we use the Council of International Schools teaching standards:

  • Planning – We carefully and regularly review our curriculum, instructional strategies, resources and data to ensure we consistently meet the needs of our students at all times.

  • Delivery – Each student is different, and as such we try to regularly engage in a variety of strategies and methodologies to help meet those individual needs and ensure learning.

  • Assessment – Rather than apply a “one size fits all” approach, we regularly gather, analyze and use relevant data to measure student progress and help build instructional content and approaches so we can not only monitor but provide appropriate feedback to students, parents and stakeholders.

  • Environment – We actively attempt to utilize our school’s resources, routines and procedures to provide the most respectful, safe, positive and student-centered environment possible to foster learning.

  • Professionalism – At all stages every staff member exhibits their best legal, ethical and professional standards to contribute not only to their profession but their own personal development.

  • Progress – Each student’s work actively results in recognizable, measurable and acceptable progress.

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